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In 1988, Agnete, aided by her niece Annelise, decided to start the massive task of cataloguing her collection of ceramics. With well over 300 pieces to photograph, describe and measure it took a few months and when completed she gave it into the care and keeping of her niece for future generations.

The collection is in its entirety, a very unique reflection of Agnete’s own personality and of her life and times within the ceramic world. There are examples of her own work and of other contemporary potters work. This latter part of the collection was based on very subjective criteria, Agnete often intimating that some of these pots were acquired to remind her of the person, not necessarily as the best example of the potters style.

After Agnetes death in 2000, it was decided to photograph the
ceramics collection and key material to produce a digital archive with the ultimate aim of producing a web-site. It is the intention that the collection should be used for educational and research purposes and that any information within it should be available for use in research and education, subject to certain conditions.

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Agnete with her mother, brothers Svend and Eric in Agnete's garden in Acton, West London. Her nieces Kristine and Annelise can be seen seated in the deckchairs.

Undated Bullers teapot