early years

Lidded jug
18cm high
cat. no. 406

Student at Copenhagen College of Art and Crafts:

Agnete attended the college from 1933 36. Competition for admission to the college was fierce as it was heavily subsidised by the Danish government. Applicants worked at the college for a trial period of a month to prove their ability and dedication before a final selection was made. Her tutors included Sig Johansen, Professor Rasmusen (illustration) and W. Staehr Nielsen (sculpture).

Holbaek Stoneware:

For a year between 1937-38, Agnete joined Gerhard Nielsen at Holbaek, working on the factory floor, learning all aspects of stoneware production. This country pottery produced heavy duty items for use in the kitchen pans, pickling jars and bowls which had an extremely strong and durable body.

Natalie Krebs Saxbo:

For a short period in 1939, Agnete worked with Natalie, gaining much experience of dealing with high temperature porcelain.

Double teapot (1936)
18cm high tin glazed earthenware
cat. no. 298

Typical Holbaek blue ware